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Online Head Ball is a 2D soccer game where you'll face off in exciting one to one matches. You'll only have 90 seconds to defeat your opponent on a fairly small game field where, without a doubt, there will be tons of shooting and scoring action as your objective is to get many goals as you can.

Players have three buttons available to them: one for jumping, where you'll also get to head butt, one for a quick shot which is also very useful for tricking your opponent, and another where you'll get to shoot high thanks to which you'll also be able to chip the ball right past your rival. You'll also get to activate special powers.

Playing alone is an option in Online Head Ball, but the real fun starts in the game's online mode. Here, you'll have tons of different tournaments where you'll get to face off against players from all different levels and put your skills to the test against people all over the world. You think you're good? Try playing in a professional championship.

In Online Head Ball you'll find over a hundred different characters to control, some of which are replicas of famous soccer stars. You'll also get to suit them up with different equipment and completely customize their style according to your whim.

Online Head Ball is a very fun sports game where you'll not only get to shoot and score (though that is something that everyone enjoys), but you'll also get to defeat your friends in exciting online games. Because, yes you can play against strangers on the internet, but it's also possible to directly challenge your buddies.
By Erika Okumura

Android 3.0 or higher required

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